ZenToes Tailors Bunion-1 Pair

ZenToes Tailors Bunion-1 Pair

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Don't be fooled! Tailors bunion or bunionette is a deceptively cute name for a problem that can be embarrassing and downright painful! It can be a serious problem that leaves you desperate for relief. 

When your pinky toe isn't properly aligned, you can experience a wide range of problems from cramping in your toe to pain in your foot to redness, swelling and blisters where your feet rubs your shoes. Surgeries can sometimes correct a tailor bunion, but the recovery from the procedures can be difficult and leave you unable to work and live life to the fullest. 

Fortunately, there is a way that you can alleviate all of the discomfort caused by a tailor bunion and have happy, healthy feet! ZenToes Gel Tailors Bunion Guards are the answer! 

ZenToes Gel Tailors Bunion Guards are toe protectors that are designed specifically to fit onto your little toe. Once in place, the toe protectors cover the entire side of the little toe, cushioning it to prevent rubbing when you're wearing shoes. The gel material provides ample protection to keep a tailor bunion from becoming inflamed, but you'll still be able to easily wear your favorite shoes due to the slim design of our guards. 

With ZenToes Gel Tailors Bunion Guards, you get two bunion toe protector sets for a total of four toe protectors in all. 

Alleviate the pain of a tailor bunion without going under the knife. Help your feet feel great every day and get back to enjoying life. Order the ZenToes Gel Tailors Bunion Guards today!

At ZenToes we strive to provide the highest quality foot care treatments available. Our premium foot care products are made from medical grade materials to ensure that you receive superior products for your feet. Live an active, balanced, pain free lifestyle when you trust your foot care to ZenToes. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!