Dr. Lipo+ V

Dr. Lipo+ V

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Dr. Lipo+V is the most effective and high quality lipolytic for the face. Lipolytic is aimed at a

quick and effective fight against fat deposits in the face and neck area. After the destruction of

fat cells, the peptide complex, which is part of Dr. Lipo+V gives an amazing lifting effect. Unlike its predecessors, it does not contain a hormone, which means that it does not have a

"temporary effect".

Mechanism of action

After exposure to the composition in the target, the adipocyte cell breaks down, and active collagen synthesis occurs at the site of destruction. Dr. Lipo+ V destroys the adipocyte cell forever, as it contains phosphotidylcholine and deoxycholate. The result can be assessed after 14 days. Dr. Lipo+V, thanks to its composition, can permanently correct the contour of the face.


Dr. Lipo+V is designed to correct fat deposits in the face and neck area. Depth of insertion from

3 mm to 9 mm (according to the anatomy of fat bags)

Dr. Lipo+V Features

• Effective and safe dosage of the composition allowing you to quickly see the result.

• The complex of peptides gives active lifting

and fast skin regeneration. • No rehabilitation period.

• Active synthesis of collagen gives the skin a

radiance. And the action of the product simulates

the oval of the face.


• Fostfatidylcholine is one of the most important phospholipids in human invasion. In this complex, the particles of the substance are reduced, which guarantees a safe and effective action of the product in the face and neck area.

• Sodium deoxycholate in combination with phosphatidicholine instantly destroys the adipocyte cell.

• EGF-epidermal growth factor belongs to a group of proteins that are responsible for restoration, renewal in this complex, in combination with other components, it is a catalyst for biochemical reactions.

. L-carnitine the main function of levocarnitine is to transport free fatty acids to the mitochondria.

• The group of peptides included in the composition of the product has a wide spectrum of

action, unlike its predecessors (other lipolytics on the market), has no analogues.

Description of the procedure

With the help of special needles, the product is injected into the pvc Depth of insertion of the face and neck. According to the anatomical features, 4-9 mm markings: the distance between the injections is 1-2 cm. The maximum dosage is 3 ml per day. Repeated procedure in 10-14 days.

Procedure protocol

This lipolytic complex is injected as a direct lipolytic deep into the PFA.

• The product must not be mixed with other products • Maximum daily dosage 3 ml

• Depth of introduction from 4-9 mm • The volume of one injection 0.2/0.3 ml

• Periorbital zone-deep into the "bag". Recommended dilution 1:0.5 with sodium chloride possible edema

and hyperemia


keep 2-4 seconds between injections, monitor the patient's

condition and do not increase the daily dosage!